Here’s the pickle you might find yourself in: You’ve figured out that if you were to retire today – with absolutely no debt at all – you’d need R10,000 a month.

Okay, maybe you need slightly more than R10,000 a month but you’ve still got the same problem.

  • R10,000 a month sounds great for someone retiring today, but what if you’re retiring ten years from now?
  • If you need R10,000 a month in your pocket, what will you need before tax to clear R10,000?
  • What if you need that R10,000 a month to keep up with the cost of living for every year you’re in retirement? After all, R10,000 a month twenty years from now might just cover the cost of a loaf of bread.
  • For how many years will you need the R10,000 a month? How long can you expect to live…20 years? And what if you have a spouse ten years younger than you?