Frequently asked questions

How much does Funeral Fundi pay out in the event of a death?

Depending on the terms of your policy and monthly premium, Funeral Fundi pays out up to R30,000 in the event of a death. Funeral Fundi also gives you added benefits to support your family and make arrangements when you need it most, including R150 towards groceries for 6 months, R200 towards education for 12 months, and a R250 airtime voucher.

Can I get a quote?

Simply go to to access our free quoting tool. Select the amount of cover required, the type of cover required, and the ages of every person listed on the policy to check your premium in seconds.

Can I apply online?

Yes. Funeral Fundi only issues policies through our website at You can access our free instant quoting tool to select your cover and check your premiums. To purchase a policy online, you simply need the full name and South African identification (ID) number for every person listed on the policy plus the bank account details of the person responsible for paying the premiums. Funeral Fundi requires no paperwork and no checkups.

Can I get covered if I have a chronic illness?

Yes. Funeral Fundi requires no health checks or medical declarations. There is however a 6-month waiting period for natural death which includes illness, disease, or other natural causes. Once the waiting period has expired, the policyholder will be fully covered provided that all premiums are up to date.

Do you cover foreigners?

You need a South African identification (ID) number to take out a funeral policy. Any dependants named on your policy also need to be in possession of a South African ID number, otherwise cover cannot be issued.

Up to what age do you cover?

Funeral Fundi covers policyholders up to the age of 65. You cannot take out a policy for yourself or a dependant over the age of 65.

How long after I purchase a policy can I submit a claim?

There is an industry standard waiting period of 180 days to receive a payout in the event of a natural death. Partial cover starts from 90 days. Please refer to Funeral Fundi’s full policy benefits for more details. There is no waiting period for accidental death.

How do I submit a claim?

You can email to submit a claim. You will receive a notification of which documents you need to submit to start the claim process. Download the claims form here

How long do claims take to pay out?

Provided Funeral Fundi has received all the required documentation, claims are paid within 48 hours.

How many dependants may I add to one policy?

Funeral Fundi allows you to add up to 20 dependents to your policy.

Am I eligible for a cashback if I have not submitted a claim?

You will be eligible for a 50% cashback on consecutive premiums paid after 24 months, provided you have not missed any payments during the eligibility period. Missed payments or premium breaks reset the 24-month eligibility period to zero.

Do I stop paying premiums at a certain age?

With Funeral Fundi, you can enjoy paid-up cover at 65. That means you will stop paying premiums but your cover will stay in place. You are only eligible to receive the benefit if you have paid premiums for 10 consecutive years with no premium breaks or missed payments.

Can I change my premiums if I run into financial difficulty?

You can change your plan at any time. When your financial situation changes, you can simply downgrade your plan with immediate effect. Do note that a change in your premiums will affect what will be paid out in the event of a death. Similarly, when your situation changes and you wish to increase your cover, simply upgrade your plan at any time and with immediate effect.

Can my family take over my family policy after my death?

Yes. Cover can be transferred to the policyholder’s biological brother when he assumes responsibility for the deceased’s family. As the new policyholder, he will be responsible for paying the premiums to ensure the family remains covered.

Can I cover more than one spouse?

Yes. Families come in all shapes and sizes. Funeral Fundi recognises the practice of polygamy and allow you to add up to 5 spouses or life partners as defined under common law, customary law, or a life partner arrangement.

Do you offer added benefits in the event of a death?

Yes. When a policy is paid out, Funeral Fundi helps you with groceries, airtime, and education expenses to help you manage in your time of need. You will receive R150 towards groceries for 6 months, R200 towards education for 12 months, and a R250 airtime voucher.

How can I find out how much my premiums will be?

Very easy! Use the handy INSTANT QUOTE tool and get a quote immediately. Select who you want to cover and Funeral Fund will tell you how much it will cost per month and what you will receive in the event of a death to help you cover funeral expenses within a matter of seconds.

Do you offer family packages?

Yes. Funeral Fundi offers a number of packages catering for families of all shapes and sizes. That includes more than one spouse or partner and households headed by children and grandparents.

Can I insure my parents?

Yes. You can add your parents, including biological parents, step parents, parents-in-law, and legal adoptive parents, to your policy.

Can I insure my children?

Yes. You can add your children, including biological children, step children, legally adopted children, and other financially dependent children, to your policy. For child-headed households where the policyholder is under 21 years old, siblings are considered children. If 2 of the children on the policy are between 1 and 14 years old, cover is free. Stillborn children after 26 weeks’ gestation are also covered, excluding intentional terminations.

Can I put my premiums on hold?

Yes. You can take a premium break for up to 3 months when cash is tight. You simply pay back the missed premiums after your premium break to bring your policy up to date. Core benefits reduce to 50% in the 2nd month and 25% in the 3rd month. If you miss more than 3 consecutive payments, your policy will lapse and cover will cease. You may miss up to 9 non-consecutive premiums over the life of your policy.

What happens if I stop paying my premiums?

While it’s not recommended, you may miss up to 9 non-consecutive premiums over the life of your policy. But please note that your core benefits will reduce to 50% after a 2nd month of not paying your premiums and 25% after a 3rd month of not paying your premiums. After that, your policy will lapse and cover will cease. You will have to repay the missed premiums in order to bring your policy up to date.

Who is the insurance underwriter for Funeral Fundi?

Funeral Fundi policies are underwritten by Guardrisk, a leading authorised financial service provider.

Where is Funeral Fundi located?

Funeral Fundi is headquartered in Cape Town but issues policies for individuals and families across South Africa.