COVID-19 & funeral cover. Here’s what you need to know.

When a person dies from COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, it is considered a natural death. At Funeral Fundi, there is a 180-day waiting period after you have purchased your policy to receive the full payout for a natural death.

Any policies issued more than 6 months prior to a death of any person included on your policy will be paid in full, provided your policy is up to date with its premiums. The waiting period commences on the date the policyholder, spouse, parent, child, or extended family member is named on the policy schedule.

Claims will be issued 48 hours after all the necessary paperwork has been received.

Funeral Fundi gives added support in the event of a death, including a R150 monthly grocery allowance for 6 months, a R200 monthly education pay out for 12 months, plus a R250 airtime voucher to help family members make funeral arrangements.

The waiting period for a natural death also means that if you purchased cover less than 6 months prior to a death for yourself or any dependents listed on your policy, you will unfortunately not receive the full payout. We do however pay out reduced benefits from 3 months onwards.

If any person on the policy was covered under a similar plan with another insurer in the 31 days before the Funeral Fundi policy was purchased, the waiting period will be waived and the policy will pay out in full. This benefit applies only in cases where the waiting period on the first plan has already expired.