It’s fair to say SARS collect a fair amount of our money each month but if you’re a black South African earning an income, you might also be paying “black tax” (sharing your salary with family). Whether the notion of “black tax” is right or wrong is debatable, isn’t it?

On the one side of the coin you have people in your life who might not have had the same job opportunities that you’ve been afforded and in most instances need your financial support. On the other side of the coin, coughing up more money than you can afford isn’t a wise idea either. Just because you have a job doesn’t mean you should be sinking yourself into personal debt or depriving yourself of the opportunity to start saving for your own future (otherwise the cycle is likely to repeat itself).

If “black tax” is nothing more than a level of expectation (you are earning more than I am, so I want some of yours), shouldn’t we be trying to shift that expectation?